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In 1991, Francis and I decided to settle somewhere between Lyon and Chambéry. We found our "little house on the prairie" at the end of a long path through the woods of Côte envers, near the Truison stream.

Next door was an old adobe farm; our neighbour François was born there in 1909 and still lived there.

In the past, he cultivated tobacco and vines, not forgetting the gathering of nuts, chestnuts and mushrooms, fishing and wood maintenance. Cows, pigs, rabbits, ducks and chickens lived in peace.

The inhabitants of the hamlet met around the bread oven every Thursday for baking and during long evenings during which they chatted, played cards and sang while breaking the nuts to obtain the precious kernels. They took the opportunity to catch up with each other, long before social networks!

When he was forced to leave his house in 1999, he ceded it to us, knowing that we passionately loved the place. We then promised him to restore "the shanty", as he called it, while preserving its authenticity and its old soul.

Over time and within our means, the old farm was cleaned and prepared for its rebirth while the project was finalizing in my head, with the hope of realizing my old dream: one day to make it a unique guest house.

Everything had remained "in its own juice", the stable, the press, the bread oven, the chicken coop, adobe and joinery had successfully passed the test of time but a serious facelift was necessary.

In March 2010, the work had begun. The local artisans took turns to break through the walls, create new spaces, rediscover the original materials hidden under the paintings and the false ceilings, working as much as possible with wood and other salvaged materials and using ancestral methods such as for example, insulating roof spaces with straw. We then stained, waxed, oiled, painted or carpeted the walls and floors. Now, modern comfort coexists with the manger and the rack!

The house was now ready to accommodate family furniture and decorative elements, found and loved along the journey, to revive it with familiar objects weathered by time. Everything naturally found its place, the art of living of yesteryear had been the best inspiration.


We believe we have managed to create a place where it is nice to land and enjoy the special atmosphere of a timeless place, in line with its environment, and we have been happy to share it with our passing guests from the opening, on September 1st, 2011.


Every year, small details are changed, improvements are made, new recipes are offered. And when the shutters open for the new season, there is always so much impatience and joy at the idea of ​​still having wonderful meetings and sharing privileged moments.


Annie Latgé

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